Work packages

AIDAinnova is structured in 14 separate Work Packages (WPs). The work structure and key WP contacts are listed below:

WP # WP Name WP Coordinator
WP1 Project management and coordination Paolo Giacomelli (INFN)
Svetlomir Stavrev (CERN)
WP2 Communication, Outreach and Knowledge Transfer Rita Pinho (CERN)
Antoine Le Gall (CERN)
WP3 Test beam and DAQ infrastructure Marcel Stanitzki (DESY)
Matthew Wing (UCL)
WP4 Upgrade of Irradiation and Characterization Facilities Federico Ravotti (CERN)
Fernando Arteche (ITAINNOVA)
WP5 Depleted Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors

Sebastian Grinstein (IFAE)
Fabian Huegging (UBONN)

Norbert Wermes (UBONN)

WP6 Hybrid pixels sensors for 4D Tracking and Interconnection Technologies Anna Macchiolo (UZH)
Claudia Gemme (INFN)
WP7 Gaseous detectors Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN)
Burkhard Schmidt (CERN)
WP8 Calorimeters and Particle Identification detectors Roman Pöschl (CNRS)
Roberto Ferrari (INFN)
WP9 Cryogenic neutrino detectors Dario Autiero (CNRS)
Andrzej Michal Szelc (UNIMAN)
WP10 Advanced mechanics for tracking and vertex detectors Paolo Petagna (CERN)
Marcel Vos (CSIC)
WP11 Microelectronics Christophe De La Taille (CNRS)
Angelo Rivetti (INFN)
WP12 Software for Future Detectors Frank-Dieter Gaede (DESY)
Graeme Andrew Stewart (CERN)
WP13 Prospective and Technology-driven Detector R&D Peter Krizan (JSI)
WP14 Ethics requirements Paolo Giacomelli (INFN)
Svetlomir Stavrev (CERN)