Job opportunity at INFN Bari

INFN Bari invite applications for a 2-years postdoc position at INFN section of Bari, Italy, to work in our group on R&D for a high pressure TPC with optical read-out, in the framework of the AIDAinnova European grant, with the additional possibility to participate in a rich Neutrino Physics programme.

Work Context

The group is active in the field of Gas Detectors R&D, with particular emphasis on MPGDs and Time Projection Chambers (TPC), and participates to major experiments in Neutrino Physics like T2K, Super-Kamiokande (SK) and Hyper-Kamiokande (HK).

In addition, the selected candidate will have the chance to be involved in other activities of the group:

  • in the field of Gas Detectors, by participating to the installation and operation of the new Horizontal TPCs for T2K in JPARC and their tests at CERN;
  • by joining the SK and HK experiments in Japan.


Candidates are requested to possess a background in experimental particle/astroparticle physics, with a PhD in the field, or to demonstrate an equivalent 3 years’ seniority after the master.

Expertise in R&D, data analysis, and laboratory skills (in particular on Gas Detectors) would be an additional asset.

The research activities will focus on the R&D of a large prototype detector and corresponding experimental setup of a Time Projection Chamber with optical readout.


For inquiries, please write to:

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