Job opportunity at CNRS/IN2P3

The LPNHE-Paris laboratory is opening a two-year (extensible to three-year) post-doctoral position on ATLAS. The position can begin as soon as November 1st, 2023 and will focus primarily on the upgrade of the ATLAS Inner Tracker and advanced Silicon Tracker technologies.


The selected candidate will work on two axes:

  • ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade: the candidate will work on the construction, test and quality assurance of the modules of the ITk detector for the high-luminosity phase of the LHC.
  • Advanced technologies for silicon trackers: in particular, on themes related to innovative cooling solutions based on micro-channels.

Work Context

The Laboratoire de Physique Nucléaire et des Hautes Energies (LPNHE) is a high energy physics, astroparticle and cosmology laboratory located in the center of Paris with a staff of 90 physicists and 50 engineers and technicians. It is funded by CNRS/IN2P3, Sorbonne Université and Université Paris Cité. The ATLAS group at LPNHE is composed of about 30 physicists and engineers, heavily contributing to physics analysis and with strong experience in detector design, construction and commissioning. The group is largely involved in Higgs, top quark and Standard Model physics. The group is very active in R&D studies on silicon sensors with developments on thin planar sensors and radiation hardness studies. The group is part of several leading R&D programs such as AIDAInnova, RD50 and RD53 Collaborations and deeply involved in the Phase-II upgrade of the ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITk) and timing calorimeter (HGTD).

The work will be performed within a team composed of six faculty members, one post-doc, two Ph.D. students, and in collaboration with the technical personnel of the laboratory. The candidate will work in the framework of the ample and advanced instrumental infrastructure provided at the LPNHE.

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