Upcoming hackathon for the advancement of software for future detectors!

WP12 hackthon

The Software for Future Detectors work package (WP12) has invited all of its AIDAinnova developers to a hackathon at CERN, June 21-23. “We want to work on improving the integration of all of our tasks into the Key4hep stack, which allows our software to be made available in an off-the-shelf format,” says Graeme Stewart, coordinator of AIDAinnova WP12. “This will help physicists to better assess the performance of new detector designs and optimise the physics output.”

Schema evolution of the Event Data Model (EDM) is a hot topic as this is an essential component of any robust data model. For particle tracking the project is looking to continue to work on better fitters, including auto-tuning of parameters; as well as integrating the EDM with Key4hep, the common turnkey software stack for future colliders, that will allow simulation jobs that output hits directly into the ACTS (A Common Tracking Software) tracking chain. Work is also ongoing to improve the overall simulation chain, for example by leveraging experiences gained from LHCb in PyTorch integration to help provide an interface to Geant4. Further work will also focus on providing support for the Gaussino package and including Lamarr fast simulation as part of the Key4hep stack.

After many months of remote collaboration the work package leaders are excited to be able to meet again at CERN, taking advantage of the improving pandemic situation. The coordinators welcome all developers interested in WP12 projects to join them: “We very much look forward to a face-to-face meeting where we can work together in CERN's IdeaSquare, sharing ideas, code, coffee and even a few beers”. 

The hackathon takes place June 21-23 at CERN.

Link to the Indico event.

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