A glance at the innovation ecosystem of particle physics

In September, the project’s technology transfer policy was presented at the TIPP conference.

By Antoine Le Gall (CERN)

AIDAinnova had the honour to be present at a historical session of the Technology in Instrumentation in Particle Physics (TIPP) conference. Held for the first time in Africa, this conference was organised by the iThemba LABS, the largest accelerator facility complex of the Southern Hemisphere, at the International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

One key point of the conference was its “technology and knowledge transfer” session, co-organised by AIDAinnova, which included presentations from representatives from CERN, DESY, INFN and the Max Planck institute on their respective technology transfer policy. This insightful session allowed one to have a vision at-a-glance of the innovation ecosystem surrounding particle physics.

One of the highlights of this session was the presentation by AIDAinnova’s scientific coordinator, Paolo Giacomelli. In a skilful play, he offered a captivating talk about the innovation policy of none less than five particle-physics projects funded by the European Commission: AIDAinnova, EURO-LABS, I.FAST, LEAPS-INNOV and EASI-STRESS.

For future particle-physics experiments to take shape, cooperation with industry is essential from the early stages of R&D. EU-funded projects are very useful to develop and strengthen this cooperation. We appreciate the EU efforts to continue with these types of calls and wish it to eventually increase the funding devoted to these calls.

- Paolo Giacomelli, AIDAinnova scientific coordinator.

All presentations can be read at the following link: https://indico.tlabs.ac.za/event/112/sessions/525/#20230906

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